Eluxe Creations is the natural home of exotic creations and designs. Its owner, Shay Elle, had been creating customized designs for shoes and phone casings a long time before she founded Eluxe Creations in January 2018. Shay was doing what she did out of mere fun and pleasure, but her products thoroughly satisfied friends and family. She set up her brand to spread the satisfaction to more people, and give you unhindered beauty and quality.

Although it started out creating shoes and phone cases, Eluxe Creations has since expanded its reach across a wide spectrum of items. Its products now seek to take you wherever your imagination can reach. You will find exotic products such as various designs of phone cases, coffee tea mugs, custom bling slides, tumblers, car tire valve caps and other car accessories. All these products come with luxury, beauty and quality, which are the unique signature of Eluxe Creations.

The phone cases at Eluxe Creations are custom made to suit your preferred taste and fantasy. There are no limits. Apart from adding class and color to your attire when you step out, your custom made cases are of durable quality, ensuring that they give you good value for your money. At Eluxe Creations, you are the boss. Every new design is as unique as you would have it. This makes its products perfect items to give out as gifts to friends and family. Why not? You can get a customized phone case that is completely covered in jewels.

Eluxe Creations uses high quality crystals and specially made jewelry. These are strongly glued to the cases to prevent them from falling off. You do not have to trade off your phone’s rugged life just for beauty. These features make Eluxe Creations perfect for mothers with growing children who sometimes manhandle their phones. Nothing can be more heart-rending than to come into the living room only to find your toddler mauling your phone. You do not have to worry, though, if your phone case is made by Eluxe Creations.

Consider the tumblers. They stand out in their simplicity and style. You choose the color and the design on them. With our tumblers, you are not merely getting a piece of kitchen utensil. Instead, you are making a unique statement about your taste. What is more? With your lovely inscriptions on the tumblers, you get a chance to pass a message to a loved one in a manner that echoes it every time they take a sip from the tumbler.

The entire concept of Eluxe Creations is to give you luxury in your unmistakable class. With our products, you are only competing with yourself. You are your own designer. We make you a leader, standing out in your own class. You have the power to push the limits and create new frontiers. Why should you limit your fantasy to the inadequate options that already saturate the market? At Eluxe Creations, we understand freedom, and are waiting for you where the conventional market ends. We take you to a world without limits.